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Image-setters for a boat life in North Cyprus. Shevketoglu Megastore has absolutely everything for boat life, fishing, hunting and has successfully built co-operations with the best brands in the world.

The passion for life and living, Shevketoglu is the address where you will find inspirations to bring and become the image for your hopes, plans and dreams. As a founder pioneering Turkish Cypriot based company, Shevketoglu of North Cyprus now stands before us in the shape of his son, Mustafa Shevketoglu, and his knowledgeable wife Esin, charmingly cool as a spring day. “Speed, reliability and results,” says Shevketoglu. This is the mission for Shevketoglu Group creating lifestyle products for four seasons! “If your dream is to come alive and live the Mediterranean lifestyle, it is a simple process and we will assist you all the way by fulfilling our customer needs.“ Established in 1956, and a founder in its field now for many great imports and great worldwide brand products, includes USA, Japan and Germany. Face to face with an undisputed giant of brandnames in yachts, and one of the few well respected families in their field established on the island.

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Shevketoglu Domestic Ltd.


Gazeteci Kemal Aşık Cad. No:7 Nicosia / North Cyprus
Phone: +90 (392) 228 78 16 (228 14 17 - 228 14 16)
Fax: +90 (392) 228 14 15
Email: ayshe@shevketoglu.com

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